Reporting Animal Cruelty, Dumping & Abandonment

Need to report animal cruelty –> Report it to the DA’s office here!
If an animal or someone is in immediate danger, please contact 911.


The SPCA can investigate alleged incidents of neglect and abuse but they have no authority to remove or take custody of any animal. The appropriate authority to call – who do have the immediate right to take custody of/remove an animal – is the Houston Humane Society. Their officers are not animal control, but are actual police officers.  If you can’t call them the please call the appropriate sheriff department, constable, or HPD for assistance {Though please know they assign calls by priority}. Houston Humane Society is the appropriate source to call for immediate assistance & action

We do not suggest anyone to take on an individual on their own.

  • If dog dumping/animal cruelty is currently in progress, please call 911 to reach the police [Make sure to note as many details as possible about what is happening & video/photo evidence is always very helpful]
  • Houston Humane Society 713.433.6421 or file a report online
  • Harris County Animal Control 281.999.3191
  • HSPCA 713.869.SPCA or file a report online
  • Houston Crime Stoppers 713.222.TIPS or *You can report animal cruelty or dog fighting and receive up to a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and charging of any felony suspects. All callers will remain anonymous.

For information on animal laws in Texas and how you can become involved in helping animals statewide with better laws to protect them please visit