Need to Rehome Your Pet?


It is a difficult decision when you need to re-home your pet. The best thing you can do is to start the process early when you know you must do it.

  • Never give an animal away for free to someone you don’t know personally. There are people who pick up free dogs off Craigslist, Green Sheet and other sources for the intentions of hurting or killing them. Some have been known to use these “free” animals as bait to teach other dogs to kill, to sell to labs for experimentation (Class B Dealers & Bunchers) and to use puppies and kittens as food for large snakes.
  • If you want to try to find a home for your dog yourself:
    • Charge a fee of at least $90
    • Do a home-check to make sure the home is a safe enviroment
    • Get vet references for the potential adopter to see how they have taken care of their animals in the past
  • CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) in Katy offers a really unique & helpful program to help assist in rehoming your pet :: CAP Weekend Sponsor Program
  • The best option is to foster your own pet for a local rescue group until a new home is found.
    • You can find a list of Harris County rescue groups at under the “Shelters” tab. It list many pure breed and all breed rescue groups. There are two groups near the Crosby area – Pals for Pooches and Twyla’s Friends. Please know that many groups listed on Petfinder work county-wide.
  • If fostering your pet isn’t possible please take your pet to a shelter like Citizens for Animal Protection. Please see their Euthanasia Policy before surrendering your pet to CAP. And please, use animal control facilities only as a last resort because they are likely to euthanize your pet. *Note: There are several no-kill shelters if you’re willing to drive outside of Houston in order to give your animal a chance of the possibility of finding a new forever home. 
  • Abandoning your pet should never be an option. The chances of someone kind picking up your pet after it has been abandoned is about a 1000 to one. Most likely the pet will be hit by a car, starve, or be tortured. Leaving a defenseless animal somewhere is the same as leaving a small child in the middle of nowhere. It is illegal and immoral and must stop. It ultimately causes immense suffering and contributes to the stray population in Harris County.