Happy Tails

from Pepper’s foster – now forever- mama –> “Pepper came to me a tiny wild child–rescued by SCPM at a year old with her 3 litter mates, they had survived that year, and she brought those same survival behavior with her into my house. She stole food from our other dogs and us, using her speed to dodge capture. She chewed on anything and everything, and she pottied where she pleased. The one great thing about her was that she was a great snuggler (when trapped). Little by little, we built a relationship, and we curbed those bad habits. Now, she follows me everywhere, she always wants to be with me. I have a house full of dogs, but truthfully, I’ve never been so loved or favored. It feels good!”
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Play-Doh was rescued last November from the Crosby Puppy Massacre site. The vet thought he was about 4 months old at the time. He was abandoned along with two puppies who were rescued as well. His new family moved from Houston to Las Vegas and Play Doh has just celebrated his first birthday. He is an extremely affectionate and loving cat who likes to wake up Kells for school each day by giving her hugs and kitty kisses.
His other favorite spot is on his window perch basking in the desert sun and watching hummingbirds. Play-Doh’s family says he has been a very joyful addition to their family.
Play-Doh will have a long and happy life as a “Sin City Kitty”!
Heidi has found her forever home with 2 human sisters, a fursister and a mom and dad of her very own! Her mom is a fantastic photographer and caught this sweet moment that she shared with us. Heidi has made herself at home and loves giving her new family kisses. We are so grateful to Gilley & her family for giving Heidi a loving home.
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
Kamo, formerly Larry, has found his forever home! He was found at the dumpsite over a year ago and has been being fostered by a volunteer of the group who fell in love with him. His mommy & daddy love him so much and spoil him like crazy! He adores his big brother Deak and is always by his side. We want send a big THANK YOU to Pals for Pooches for accepting Kamo into their program and helping him find his happily ever after.14850_209471875915270_1414248_n 1601089_209471572581967_1450888645_n 1601089_209471565915301_1691859974_n
Yayayay! Tristan won over a fantastic family where he’s already at home. He has a pool and a human brother and sister of his very own. We hear he’s got a furbrother – a cat, named Barney – who he’s scared of! 😀 Silly Tristan! We are so very thankful for everyone who networked Tristan and followed his page. He will still be posting other pups needing homes, so make sure you “like” his page to check out his homeless friends — Tristan the Dog
Charlotte has found the perfect family! She has a mom, dad & a human brother and sister who she gets to play with every single day! She’s the only pup so she’ll get all the attention that she craves. She’s learning her inside manners and it sounds like she’s catching on quickly; she’s quite the well-mannered girl who loves to give her family kisses. She has her very own toys and bed that she sleeps on every night. Yay Charlotte! (The best part is we still will get to see her every now and then because she lives in the area!)
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Happy Tails for Elsa! She has officially been adopted and her humans have been spoiling her ever since they laid eyes on her. She couldn’t have a more perfect home. Thank you Pals for Pooches for accepting her into their foster program, and Stephanie & her family for fostering her. Their patience, love and care gave Elsa the confidence to win over her new humans hearts! 😉 Her puppies have also all found their forever homes, thanks to Denise & rescue group – Faith, Phee & Butterbee Foundation (they hold adoption events every weekend at Petco in Atascosita).
Ladies and gentleman, Elvis has left the building (Gosh we’ve wanted to say that for a few months now)!!! He has found his forever home with a young family where he will have a husky sibling! 🙂 Ray Ray
Uh oh! Look who’s finally found his forever home! Ray Ray has been waiting for his forever family for TWO years and has finally found his perfect people. This is a picture of him after getting cleaned up. His family bought him all new toys and beds to spoil him rotten. We are so happy for this sweet boy!
Dixie Dixie & new bro
Dixie has been adopted! Here she is pictured with her adoptive brother, Charlie. If you don’t remember Dixie, she was dumped with several other small dogs at the same time. We are so happy Pup Squad took Diamond into their program so she had the opportunity to find her very own forever!
Ladies & gentleman…Cash has been adopted! He is in THE perfect home — he’s perfect for them and they are perfect for him. He has his very own kids to run with and take care of. He loves all the interaction he’s been receiving and he’s learning basic commands already!
Diamond was found emaciated and sick with scars on his head and body and a broken tail. He most likely was dumped by a hoarder or backyard breeder as his little legs are bent and crooked. He was adopted by one of our volunteers who was a foster failure! Today 5 pound Diamond is a beautiful little boy and loving life.
We want to send a big shout out to Best Friends who let us know that both Benny and Joon have been adopted. Thank you Kindred Hearts Transport for transporting them from Houston to Utah and to Kevin Miller for trapping them and nursing them back to health. And a thank you to SNAP Houston for never turning their noses up on the dogs we bring in for care–no matter how bad they look.
Shorty AKA Pooty
Remember Shorty? One of the 11 dumped dogs? …well here he is living the SPOILED life, now known as Pooty!

Here he is with his new mom & sister whom he loves dearly {he’s the little guy on the right}. Just some perks of his new life include {but are not limited to} sleeping in the bed/cuddling with his mama, going on car rides, swimming, weekly baths & teeth brushin’s, and enjoying his favorite treats – pizza & Funyuns!


Here is Maddy – formally known as Sadie, found with her brother Carson at the dumpsite. This is a photo of her in her new yard. She was adopted by the Campbell family (with Senator Tommy Williams’ office) and they love her very much!FreewayFreeway was taken in by Wild Burro Protection League & Marjorie writes – “Freeway (Hwy 90 mini) is second from the left, and, as it turns out he is not a mini. All are lacking social skills and training. All are in poor shape, Freeway being the worst. They will spend time together here in this paddock, while we try to gain some of their trust. Once they are healthier and more friendly they will go to a large pasture with others who are their approximate size.”

Matted Mattiedogs06232012-37 (1)

Matted Mattie has found his forever home! His new family, who live in Seattle, renamed him Redford and he fits in perfectly. His mom writes, “I could talk for hours about him. I look forward to seeing him every morning and to coming home to him after work…I could go on and on. Thank you for listening and for bringing Redford into our lives.”



Marley, formerly Winnie of the Tire Pups, has been adopted! She was fostered by one of our volunteers through Pals for Pooches. She has a 13 year old brother – who she’s snuggling with in the picture – and we hear she gets to go to the racetrack on the weekends to hang out with a bunch of kids (she absolutely loves kids). She is loving life in her forever home and gets treated like the princess she is.

Thanks to New Best Friend for taking Mary – now spelled Mari – into their rescue & allowing her the opportunity to find her forever home! She has been adopted by a loving family where her 2 siblings spoil her rotten, from what we hear! We couldn’t be happier for this sweet little girl.sarah_aka_maggie

Maggie (formerly known as Sarah) was found along with her 2 sisters, Mary & Winnie at the Crosby dumpsite. Shown here is her new mom with her doggy brother, Texan, & her human sister (who she gets to snuggle with every night). We are so happy for Maggie!

(Asher) Freddy and PapaAsher with new family

Asher, now known as Freddy, has found his forever home..FINALLY! Freddy is very loved in his new home and is getting along well with the cat and loves to sleep next to his new mom in her bed.

Vincent, who was found with Theo, has officially found his forever family. And from the pictures, it looks like he fits in perfectly, snuggling with his new human sister 🙂

This happy man, Teague, has found his forever home with a nice lady in Austin.

Sprinkles, now known as Wade, as been adopted by a loving family from Austin

Hank was adopted by a loving family in Austin!

Theo has been adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah! He was only at the sanctuary for about a month and he was adopted by a wonderful family who has two other dogs (one a blind Chihuahua mix) and three sons. Theo’s laid back personality won them over. They wanted to be sure they adopted a dog that would do well with the little blind dog and Theo was very gentle and good with him. Also, Theo immediately went and sat on their youngest son’s lap, so that did it! Attached is a picture of Theo on the first day in his new yard. Theo was a major hit at the sanctuary – all of the staff and volunteers loved him – he was the most popular sleepover dog in the area where he lived!

Jonah was accepted into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah after months of being stuck in boarding here in Houston. For the very short amount of time he’s been there, this handsome gentleman has had the opportunity of winning over one of the Best Friends employees…and now is living the good life in his forever home (just like he very well deserves). We are SO very happy for this guy!

Stone (the pretty lady in the front) was adopted by her foster family. She bonded with her 6 year old human & they are completely inseparable.

Zeus (formerly known as Dozer, who was found with Stone) as been adopted by the family that has been fostering him. He lives out in the country, in Conroe, with several other dogs and a few kids to run and play with.

Charlie was adopted by a very nice lady & all 9 of her puppies have also found their forever homes!

Dodger was adopted by a fantastic family in the Meyerland area of Houston. Here he is with the new love of his life, Sophie. We all wish the best to Dodger, Sophie & Sophie’s great mom Julie.

Ruby has been adopted by a loving family in Crosby, TX and she has some new friends as you can see (in above picture). She has made herself quite at home! Thank you for giving Ruby the life she always dreamed of.

Annie and Abby were adopted by the perfect family and got to stay together. No more fishing out of the San Jacinto for these two!

Penny was adopted by a loving family in the Meyerland area of Houston. This is the family’s first pet and they are very excited and have bought Penny a very comfy new bed and plenty of toys.

Cindy has been adopted by a wonderful family and is shown  giving her new mom kisses.

Miracle has been adopted by a loving family in North Houston and attends Puppy Training at Petco.

Lollipop has been adopted into a loving family.

Hope has been adopted and is currently being spoiled rotten by her new family. She loves to cuddle!