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From: Rhonda Heffernan <INFORMATION REMOVED>
Subject: Crosby Puppy Massacre — Case # 11-05440
Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2011, 9:47 AM

Investigator Lutkenhaus,

Thank you for your time and attention this morning regarding this tragedy in Crosby. I will be forwarding you some additional information as well as dropping off the feed sack the puppies were dumped in and some hard copies of these photos.

In photo 1376 you can see where the puppy has been killed by a stick going through his throat and up through his head. In photo 1377 you can see two other puppies –one who has been hit on the head with a hammer like object and one who has had his throat cut. The eye witnesses who found the puppies also said there was one with his legs cut off and then various puppy body parts and blood spread out across the road.

The eyewitness statement of Matthew Modisette and Brittany Sanders – [INFORMATION REMOVED], says they were driving along 90 on the night of June 15th (approx) when they exited County Road. They saw several dogs along with body parts of puppies and a lot of blood. They got out and took photos. They found one surviving puppy in a feed sack. They also found 4 other adult dogs. They were able to rescue all of the living dogs after two trips. They are now with foster groups and one was turned over to a person who said he/she was the owner and the dog (poodle) had been missing for several months.

When they examined the puppy bodies that were still intact they said one had his throat cut, ones legs had been cut off, one had been hit in the head and one had a stick stuck through his throat and out his head (as evident in the photo).

Myself, along with Brittany and Matthew called the sheriff’s office several days later and the deputy told us to report it to the SPCA for further help.

My goal, along with other concerned citizens in the area is to set up a reward fund leading arrest of both the people who dumped the dogs as well as the people who tortured and killed the puppies who may be the same or different.

We would like to have some media done on the story to call people’s attention in the area to these illegal dump sites and to this horrific crime so everyone may be more aware of what is happening and keep an eye out for this illegal and sick behavior.

I am hoping the SPCA media department can work on this with us but if not we will try to get something going privately. I will await to hear from the department with a yes or no.

Thank you very much for your help with this and keep up the great work the SPCA is doing for all of us.     Rhonda Heffernan    [INFORMATION REMOVED]

Warning: Graphic Images Ahead