106 dogs, 8 cats and one burro have been rescued from the dump and massacre sites — check out our Happy Tails page. Previously, we installed a billboard near the dump site to advertise against animal cruelty and dumping. Warning signs have been installed to educate people about the stiff legal penalties for abandoning animals. A large fence has been installed to help block the dumping area on one side of the river. Please click the “follow” button to get updates about our progress.  Goals we hope to achieve with community involvement and donations include:

1. Finding loving homes for the dogs rescued from the dump site and encourage rescue groups to save the other dogs who are being dumped in the area. To see the dogs looking for foster or forever homes, please click here.

2. Installing cameras at the dump site to record any criminal dog or cat dumping and put an end to it. We have reports of other dump sites in the Crosby area as well.

3. Raising funds for the reward to catch the people who tortured and killed the puppies as well as the people who dumped them.

4. Raise funds for a public education campaign to encourage community involvement against animal cruelty in the Crosby area which includes dog and cat dumping, suspected dog fighting, cruelty and killing of stray animals and roadside sales of animals. All of these activities are illegal and some are felonies and we encourage citizens and businesses who see these crimes to immediately report them to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Please call 911 if you see any crimes in progress and to report roadside sale of animals please call the Harris County non-emergency line at 713-221-6000. There is no permit for this illegal activity and it adds to the huge problem of  abandoned dogs  and animal cruelty  in Harris County.

5. We want the support of law enforcement to take these crimes against animals seriously and to respond quickly and take action.

6. We encourage citizens in the area to spay and neuter their animals.

7. We encourage citizens to take a stand against abandonment and cruelty in their own backyards – we to put rescue groups or awareness groups (like us) out of business!