Animal cruelty happens every minute of everyday all over the world. This is the sad reality. What happened to some two month old puppies near Crosby, Texas however, is one of the worst things we have ever seen or heard about. A young couple came upon a site at an illegal dump  where several puppies had been tortured and killed in such horrible ways it is beyond comprehension. We knew we couldn’t let this go and had to make an effort to do something about this, for the sake of the other animals in the area as well as the people in the surrounding communities. It is well documented that criminals often start out their violent futures by torturing and killing animals. The people who did this to these puppies need to be brought to justice and illegal animal dumping in the area needs to stop. Everyone, no matter where you live in the world, can help with this effort and there are animals from the area still in need. Please see our Help section to see what you can do.
We want to give our sincere thanks to the two individuals who found the puppies and reported it and rescued the remaining dogs at the massacre site — Brittany Sanders and Matthew Morisette. We appreciate the help of Brittany’s mother, Kathy Sanders, and her good friend Susie Marr as well as little Gavin. None of this would have been possible without their efforts. We also want to thank Melanie Blake for her tremendous support for this effort and her limitless compassion.


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  1. I will post this site on my Facebook page and try to spread the word about this disgusting person or people. Law Enforcement should be involved! Is there a phone number we can call to urge them to get involved and solve this crime!!

  2. We have tried to get the HSPCA involved. We were told by the Harris County Sheriff’s office the HSPCA would be the right people to contact. If an officer from their organization will ask Crimestoppers for help a decent reward can be put up. You can see the official report to the HSPCA on the Media Page. They have refused to do anything but assign a case number. They would be the people to call and demand some action from. The original officer assinged to the case said there wasn’t enough evidence but we had bodies, photos, and the feed sack from a specific feed store the puppies were dumped in. The people who found the puppies said the bodies were warm and the blood was fresh so we know when it happened. And there was also the one surviving puppy left in the feed sack. There were dogs dumped with the puppies and left alive and I am sure someone in the area knows who they belonged to. It was just a matter of getting some publicity about the crime and offering a reward for information which the HSPCA refused to do. That is when we knew we must do something ourselves and started the web site and face book page. Thank you.

  3. The Harris County Sheriff’s office was notified. They told us to call the HSPCA which has done nothing but open a file. We have also sent a message to the local Humane Society and have received no response yet. If you know anyone in an official position who can help whether it be the police, DA, or a national group please feel free to forward this information to them. Also — please read the new article by the Houston Press in our media section about the lack of action by the HSPCA. Thank you.

  4. The Houston SPCA is not law enforcement. They have no power to arrest whoever is doing this. They can “investigate”, but then they would have to turn their investigation over to the law enforcement agency who has the power to arrest people and/or file criminal charges. I’m not saying that I don’t think that the HSPCA should not investigate. They should, since they make claims to protect animals and make millions in donations based on those claims. I’m just saying that if this is in Harris County, then the Harris County Sheriff’s dept and Harris County DA should get involved since it obviously involves a crime. (If this is in Crosby city limits, then they should be involved as well as they are charged with upholding the law and pursuing criminal charges). Harris Co. DA, Pat Lykos, and Asst DA, Belinda Smith, have been all over the news for several years, doing big media blitzes, saying they were cracking down on animal dumping and cruelty in the Corridor of Cruelty. What is happening here is just as bad or worse. They should be involved since this involves criminal activity. I would send your information to Lykos and Smith (keep copies). Perhaps send it to reporters like Randy Wallace, Ned Nibberd, Nefertiti Jacquez and Brad Woodard too. They have all done animal stories in the past.

  5. Thank you for the information Bette. When this first happened we called the Harris County Sheriff’s office. They sent an officer out. He refused to look at the bodies or feed sack the pups were dumped in. He seemed put off and told us we needed to call the SPCA and file a report which I promptly did. And they did nothing except assign the incident a case number. I left a message for Belinda Smith but never heard back from her. I have sent out requests to all media to do something and you can see in the media section on our web site who has responded.I do have on local TV station who told me they would like to do a story and are working on it. I am waiting to here back from them. If there is anything you can think of we are not doing please let me know. Thank you for your support.

  6. Sounds like they are just passing the buck and refusing to do their jobs. As I recall, the Harris County sheriff, Adrian Garcia, was also involved in those media blitzes in the Corridor of Cruelty claiming that they were cracking down on animal abuse.

    Hopefully, one of the TV stations will air a story about it. If they do, I hope that you will be able to say on air that you contacted the Harris Co sheriff’s office and Harris Co DA and both refused to get involved, even though it is their jobs to investigate crimes. Unfortunately, it seems like bad press is the only thing that makes some people/agencies do their jobs, especially if it is an animal issue.

    Perhaps contact Pat Lykos office directly too, instead of Belinda Smith. In your message to her, mention that you are contacting the media and, if she does not respond, you will report that her office has refused to investigate these crimes.

    If the TV station ends up not doing the story, I’d send out a Press Release to every TV station and radio station in the area. If you write a good release, sometimes the news agencies will air it as is.

    Perhaps also list contact information for the Harris County Sheriff and DA’s office on your website and ask people to contact them and urge a criminal investigation. You may want to include a sample letter for people to use. If enough people demand an investigation, then maybe they will listen.

    Finally, the Harris Co DA is an elected official. If this office does not represent our values as animal lovers, and refuses to investigate horrible crimes against animals, then we should take a hard look at whoever runs against them in the next election.

  7. Yes, horrible crimes like this should be investigated. This is beyond normal cruetly and neglect. Thank you for all the great advice. I will continue to contact the media and the Houston Press said they would do a follow up. I will also contact Ms.Lykos directly. Maybe Ms. Smith never even received my message. I am sure she gets quite a few so if you know anyone who can relay our web site and facebook page to her about the crime please let them know about it. We must all stick together to fight against these horrible crimes against animals. Thank you.

  8. In the past, I’ve sent emails to Smith regarding animal humane laws being broken, but never received a response either.

    Did you send this to Randy Wallace at Fox 26? He has been doing stories on Harris County animal control. http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/120222-harris-county-attorney-wraps-up-probe-into-euthanasia-violations
    He might be interested in this, especially since everyone is passing the buck.

    Did you contact Crosby city police too? If this is happening within their city limits, seems like they should be involved as well.

  9. I have been a foster parent for atdr.org. I have adopted 2 dogs. I’ve seen poor mistreated dogs and aware of puppy meals & lack of Texas laws. I’m disabled & home bound if you need me to make calls, etc. Let me know.

  10. HI Bette — Crosby doesn’t have a police dept. Law enforcement is the HCSD. The area the dumping is occuring is out of city limits but only a couple of minutes away from Crosby, Barrett Station and the Highlands. Thank you.

  11. Perhaps out of their area od concern but what about PETA, and the America Humane Society as well as every other Animal Rescue Organization? If enough of them are made aware and they can bring enough pressure on the powers that be the case will get some much needed attention. What I need to know but hate to ask is is this practice still on going at this dump site? I pray not, but then again that could mean they have only moved locations, not stopped the carnage.

  12. Hi Rebecca –we have notified both local and national groups and haven’t received much support so far.
    Yes, it is still going on and we just had a new dumpee this weekend if you check out our facebook page. We hope to stop dumping in this one area and educate the locals about what is happening in the area and hopefully inspire change. Thank you for caring and keep sharing our site.

  13. The HSUS said they could help with a reward if the local Houston Humane Society officer would investigate. They will not. We have not tried contacting the the other national agencies yet but because the Houston SPCA was unresponsive we probably won’t get any help from the national group but it is something we may pursue in the future. Thank you for your comment!

  14. People who would abuse and torture animals do need to be brought to justice. Animal Cruelty is unaccerptable and needs to stop. I’m an animal lover and I watch Animal Cops every day after lunch, and I’m proud of what you guys and gals do. God Bless the couple who found the dumped puppies. I’ll never understand why someone could be so cruel. But God will give them their dues

  15. Could you maybe hire a private detective to monitor the site? Maybe it would be too expensive, but surely there’s a way to rig up at least a camera that can record what happens. This is just too sick and disgusting!

  16. HI — unless we could get a large grant it would be too expensive to hire someone to monitor the site. We did try to rig some cameras but need some better ones.
    We are waiting on our 501c3 to be approved by the IRS so we can afford this. Thank you for your interest. We appreciate it.

  17. Thank you Shaun. Donations are always needed for dogs in our program — food, flea & tick preventative, bowls, bedding, igloos, treats, toys. But if you’re unable to provide donations, then just sharing our story and preaching the importance of spay/neuter and adopting dogs, rather than purchasing, is extremely beneficial! 🙂

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