A Tragedy In Our Own Backyard

Not long ago, a young couple came upon a harrowing sight at an illegal dump site near Crosby, Texas. They found several puppies, tortured to death, and others dumped with no sign of ownership or care. Video footage shows Hope and Miracle, two survivors of the puppy massacre.


17 thoughts on “A Tragedy In Our Own Backyard

  1. Just found your site. Thank God for people like you. I am donating and will spread the word on Summerwood’s website.

    God bless you and this brave animals,

  2. No words can discribe how low can man kind go.
    Yet good people still exist and and we can fight together for the ones who can not .
    My way of helping is to spread the news as far and lowed as I can .
    I am with 12 dogs , 8 cats , and 15 birds right now putting me way over the limit but my pets are not adoptable . So they are to stay with me till the end.
    But we all should pray too! If we believe in our God we must as well know the the other one still exist too, and it is in charge of so much pain and suffering all around.
    We must keep doing what is right and pray , so our God will protect us and His creation .
    God be with us all!

  3. How do we find out who these evil scumbags are? I’ve donated and will continue to donate to help the animals rescued but a reward may help to find who’s doing this. Evil people tend to brag. Thank you to the people that are getting the word out there!

  4. Hi Kathy –yes, evil people do tend to brag. We will have an exciting announcement soon about a billboard we are going to put up near the crime scene. We have raised enough money for the first and last months rent (they are giving us a good deal). We will be taking donations for the 4 months in the middle. Stay tuned and we are going to put a photo of it on our web site and facebook page. Hopefully this will help call attention to the crime and lessen the chance of this ever happening again. Thanks very much for you support!

  5. I so wish I had known about this dumping site long ago. We have had 5 dogs (including 3 rescues) in the last 2 years come up missing. The last time, my daughters missing dog’s blood stained collars were spotted hanging on one of her missing dog signs. Most devistating thing she has ever been through because she can not have children and her dogs were her babies. That was when we realized which one of our neighbors was doing the murdering. Before that, we searched in vain for months and cried a million tears. This dump site is probably where our dogs wound up but we had no way of knowing to look there at the time. God bless you all!

  6. We are so sorry to hear about your family tragedy. We hope are efforts will prevent or at least decrease these kinds of horrible crimes in the future.
    Thank you for your good wishes and we will do all we can.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your missing dog. I can’t imagine what you and your family went through. It is one of my biggest fears. Did you have 5 dogs disappear or was this in your neighborhood? What part of Crosby did this happen? It is all so scary that these people are among us.

  8. They disappeared in our neighborhood. We live on Harvey Road. A neighbor’s dog was butchered and left for dead but she did survive. A lot of dogs have come missing in this neighborhood. We are always afraid.

  9. So much for animal lovers and I love you all but what about our legislators and law enforcement. These people need to be captured and put away for good or your children will be next. Big fines and lots of prison time. Keep donating and doing what you can but please contact all your local law enforcement (as many times as you can) and your elected legislators (including judges) even on the state level and try and get breeders under control and a strong law against backyard breeding which causes much of this dumping when they can’t sell the pups because they are getting too old and too big. Those horrible people should get jobs and stop letting the dogs do the work for them! This is the ONLY WAY anything is ever going to stop this.

  10. I agree Donna! This is why a big part of our effort is focusing on law enforcment involvment and education and not just rescue. We cannot keep putting bandaids on problems that need solutions. We also have the link for http://www.thln.org on our page that focuses on laws to help animals.

  11. Just finding out about all this! Can’t wait to get out there with you guys and save the lives of sweet innocent animals! It sickens me to see what these heartless people do, I pray they are caught and punished to the maximum Penalty

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